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Embark on a relaxing journey to some of the most beautiful places on Earth all while playing the classic game of Mahjong.


Game Description:

Remove tiles in 240 different layouts while visiting the Roman Coliseum, the Taj Mahal, and other magnificent sites.

Featuring two play modes and filled with beautiful scenery plus pleasant music, this is a Mahjong game that will leave you breathless. Enjoy a soothing stroll through dazzling locations around the globe in World's Greatest Places Mahjong!

More about the Mahjong Game:

- Classic gameplay and unique powerups;

- 240 different layouts with seven amazing Mahjong variations;

- Two play modes with beautiful scenery and tranquil music;

- Dive into a world of Mahjong!


Game Screenshots. Click to enlarge:

Game Requirements:

  • * Windows 95/98/XP/ME/Vista/7;

  • * Processor 800 Mhz or better;

  • * RAM: minimum 1024Mb;

  • * DirectX 9.0 or higher;

  • * DirectX compatible sound board;

  • * Easy game removal through the Windows Control Panel.

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